'3YOURMIND – the 3D preachers'

3YOURMIND GmbH was founded by Stephan Kühr, Aleksander Ciszek and Tobias Wunner. It’s a start-up with a mission to provide all-round 3D printing solutions to companies around the world and their aim is to attend to you and your project starting from the first rough ideas all the way to a finished 3D printed model. Their headquarters are based in the centre of Berlin and because it’s a spin-off of Berlin’s Technical University, they are leveraging from vast 3D experience and knowledge in multiple industries. For several years, they have been working on optimising data for use in 3-D printing and as a result, they’ve invented the 3D Print Button – a CAD plugin simplifying 3D printing orders.




We’ve teamed up with 3YOURMIND guys in early 2015 and started a cooperation that will most definitely last for years to come. They have begun using 3DGence 3D printers and quickly realised, that our devices are ideal for their needs. Since then, 3YOURMIND are one of our biggest and most active collabolators. Their calendar is filled with events to the point that the guys rarely see their homes. Attending the most prestigious industry events all around Europe, the guys are showing possibilities, giving examples and explaining the technical side of the 3D print to people who are often seeing the 3D printers for the first time in their lives. 3YOURMIND is doing a great service to us and every other 3D printer manufacturer by preaching the 3D print gospel.