'FoMa Systems – Case Study'

FoMa Systems is a German manufacturer of one of the world’s best image stabilisers-  MAXIMA MX30, used by professionals from all across the video industry. Dr. Roman Foltyn – developer of MAXIMA MX30, claims that the development of Maxima MX30 prototype without the use of 3D printing would be very difficult, if not impossible. The camera model, […]

'Using Antimatter for CPT Symmetry Examination – Case Study'

Light Detectors – prototype 3D print.   The European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, known as CERN, is conducting research on antimatter.   Using 3DGence ONE 3D printer, the Jagiellonian University in Poland is working on creating housing for light detectors. Those are necessary in order to carry out the study of symmetry (CPT […]

'Professor Zbigniew Religa’s Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation – Case Study'

“We created a personalized model of the left ventricle, to simulate the implantation of prosthetic heart valves – printed using the 3DGence ONE printer”   Professor Zbigniew Religa’s Cardiac Surgery Development Foundation has been established in Zabrze in 1991, to introduce the latest methods and live-saving techniques for when the heart is compromised, into clinical […]

'Electric Motorcycle Factory LEM – Case Study'

Who are we?   We are the Scientific Circle of Vehicles and Mobile Robots and we’re working with wide range of electric vehicles. So far, our students have constructed 5 electric motorcycles anf the first Polish Autonomous Vehicle “JUREK” – based on Toyota Yaris 1.2. This year we work on continuation and development of projects […]