Thanks to its stiff construction and high-quality components, 3DGence MEDICAL offers high dimensional compatibility, as well as possibility to adjust the resolution of a layer to 20 microns.

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Working time optimization

In cases of printing individual impression trays, we optimize the print time using a nozzle of larger diameter.

Maximal precision of printout

For applications demanding maximal dimensional compatibility such as demonstration models, dental crowns and bridges, we recommend using small diameter nozzles.

Preoperative planning

3DGence MEDICAL is being used in preoperative planning of complicated surgical procedures. 3d models prove very useful in development of new treatment methods, cases of congenital disorder, as well as in cases of acquired heart defects in elderly adults for whom the risk of performing surgery is very high.

Printer features

Two types of nozzles

The accuracy of 3DGence MEDICAL hotend guarantees high quality and precision of printed model. The device has been equipped with swappable hotend system which allows its operator to use various nozzles of different diameters. This kind of solution allows the user to adjust time and quality of printouts to the current needs.

Working environment adjustment

For particular applications, the use of heating chamber ensures controlled working environment, moreover a dedicated filament ensures the repeatability of printouts.

Technical specification

Size and weight

Printer including spool holder: 490 x 380 x 470 mm
Printer exluding spool holder: 375 x 380 x 470 mm
Printer with heated chamber: 490 x 550 x 470 mm
Shipping box: 465 x 465 x 605 mm
Printer weight: 19 kg
Shipping weight (incl. accessory kit): 21 kg


Operational temperature: 18-25˚C
Storage temperature: 0-32˚C


Input/output: 110/240V* AC ~ 2,5A 50/60Hz/24V DC
Power consumption: avg. 220 W, max. 600 W
Connectivity: USB, SD card

*Depending on the version


Printing technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Build volume: 235 x 255 x 195 mm
Layer resolution: 20 microns
Hotend: 1- swappable
Nozzle diameter: 0.2 / 0.4 mm
Minimum wall thickness: 0.2 mm *
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Filament type: PLA
Maximum hotend temperature: 238˚C
Maximum table temperature: 100˚C

*Depending on the nozzle diameter


Consrtuction: anodized aluminium, powder coated steel
Build plate material: heated ceramic plate
Enclosure: included
XY positioning precision: 6 microns
Z positioning precision: 0.4 microns


Slicing software: Simplify3D
Supported file types: .stl., .obj
Host platform: Windows, Mac