3DGence ONE

Print your world.

3DGence ONE 3D printer gives you the freedom to materialize your projects and ideas. It uses FDM technology and works with most of the filaments available on the market. The printer has multiple patented solutions, like the quick hotend exchange PUSH system, autocalibration and autocompensation. 3DGence ONE’s unique construction guarantees a perfect printing stability and top printout quality. 3DGence ONE is ideal for prototyping, low volume manufacturing, producing molds and models.



3DGence ONE – main features

  • PUSH – patented quick hotend exchange system
  • Automatic heatbed calibration
  • Autocompensation during the printouts
  • Heated ceramic table
  • Large heatbed: 235x255x195 mm
  • Ultrasolid, patented construction
  • Works with most filaments available on the market

Available hotends: 0,5mm, 04mm (included), 03mm