'Snowcookie printed on 3DGence ONE is in the finals of INTEL Make It Wearable contest!'

We are happy to announce, that from thousands of designs from all over the world that took part in Make it a Wearable Intel competition, we have a Polish invention in the final 10, called Snowcookie. Snowcookie dynamically assess skier’s body position and technique and provides live coaching through your headphones. More advanced skiers will benefit from detailed telemetry report available on their smartphones at the end of the skiing day or training sessions. It will offer insights on what can be done better, smoother and faster around us.



We are very proud of the fact, that Snowcookie prototypes have been printed on our 3DGence One printer! Also, one of the device inventors is Piotr Lukasik – a virtual reality specialist and our 3D printers designer. In conjunction with ultramodern processor the size of a postage stamp – Intel Atom , “Snowcookie” has a chance to achieve a global success and make life easier for millions of skiers and snowboarders around the world.


More information about Make It Wearable contest: Make it Wearable Intel