Centrum Druku 3D
"3DGence ONE is a great solution for people and companies, who intend to print in a wide range of filaments available on the market. We can highly recommend the 3DGence ONE printer."
"We own two 3DGence ONE printers, that work 20 hours a day without any breaks. We are pleased to say that they're very reliable machines."
"We have tested many 3D printers and we honestly have to say, that 3DGence ONE is by far the best of them. You can easily change the nozzle, and the self-levelling heatbed is also very helpful. The 3DGence ONE printer was created by professionals and we can promise you, that it is worth every penny! "
Aussie 3D
„If you are searching for the best consumer 3d printer in the world, look no further, as the 3DGence One is hands down the best 3d printer in the world. The main advantage of 3DGence are its really high quality components, which guarantee precision and accuracy of printing. Another advantage of 3DGence is the ability to print from virtually any material available on the market.”