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Take advantage of our limited-quantity solution offer. 

The 3DGence INDUSTRY F420, M500 high-temp module, and VICTREX AM™ 200 next-generation PAEK material provide an accessible, full-start solution to printing end-use parts for demanding applications and environments.

This full solution offer provides a total savings of 15%.

Receive a 15% discount for this bundle

    Shift into 3D rapid production with the 3DGence and Victrex special high-temperature bundle. Produce parts with complex geometries and exceptional mechanical properties with the newest high-performance material in the market – VICTREX AM™ 200 – printed on the best-in-class industrial FFF 3D printer.

    INDUSTRY F420 - our full-fledged additive manufacturing system for your business

    A powerful, versatile, high-performance 3D printer designed for Industrial applications to accelerate product development and shorten time to market.

    The 3DGence INDUSTRY F420 is an industrial 3D printer capable of printing the highest performance polymers such as PEEK, ULTEM™, and Composite blend materials. The combination of the fully enclosed heated build chamber, appropriate extrusion temperatures, and heated material chamber ensures that the prints made of high-performance polymers are always of the best visual and mechanical properties.

    VICTREX AM™ 200 was specifically designed for use in additive manufacturing

    The material VICTREX AM™ 200 has been developed with the approach to redesigning the polymer at a molecular level. VICTREX immense materials development experience combined with the highest-performing industrial-grade 3D printers and 3DGence polymers processing expertise resulted in a tailor-made solution for customers that want to achieve stronger parts with even less energy and workload.

    Receive a 15% discount for this solution bundle.

    Implement True Industrial 3D printing with the INDUSTRY F420 and VICTREX AM™ 200 available now in our solution bundle. Print high-temperature materials, like Victrex AM200, seamlessly and repeatably. Solution Bundle includes the INDUSTRY F420, M500 high-temp module, and 3 spools of Victrex AM™200.

    For those printing other Engineering grade materials besides PAEK, we have prepared other offers which include the M380 Module (PC, PEI) and the M280 Module (ABS, ASA, PP). Please inquire below.

    VICTREX AM™ 200 and the 3DGence INDUSTRY F420 solution provides enhanced design freedom

    Print the most complex geometries using the next-generation combination of VICTREX AM™ 200 FIL with 3DGence advanced support material, ESM-10. Boost your productivity with automatic support removal and produce large, lightweight, complex design parts. The 3DGence and Victrex high-temperature bundle provide you with the most reliable and user-friendly 3D printing solution to produce high-performance, durable, end-use parts.

    Best in class TCO & ROI

    Benefit from the best price-to-volume ratio among the high performance, true industrial-grade 3D printers with 3DGence INDUSTRY portfolio. Optimise time and cost during the full lifetime of your industrial 3D printer, and reach ROI in months instead of years.

    Our experts can help you to find bottlenecks on your production line. Benefit from the full 3DGence Ecosystem that will help you to pay off the investments quickly. Quicker than you would expect. 

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