3D modeling at 3DGence

• We create 3D models from 2D documentation

• We design jigs and fixtures along with tooling for production lines according to customer requirements

• We 3D scan together with preparation of solid models (STP or IGS)

• We design for 3D printing


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    Creating a technical documentation

    We offer you the execution of technical documentation, in accordance with the standards adopted in Germany and Europe. Based on the materials you send us (can be photos, sketches, visualizations, 3d models) and consultation with our professional staff, we are able to perform the following design work:

      • • Reconstruction of existing technical documentation
      • • Computer drafting using CAD software
      • • Preparation of technological drawings for various industrial manufacturing techniques

      Computer drafting using CAD software

    • • Preparation of technological drawings for various industrial manufacturing techniques

    Making 3D models and corrections to finished models

    We offer you to make virtual three-dimensional models based on the documentation provided by you (these can be 2d drawings, sketches or finished products) as well as the service of correcting and redesigning models sent by you. You can use the finished 3D models made by us as:

    • The basis for further design work (e.g. for creating technical documentation, creating assemblies)
    • Visualizations of finished products
    • The basis for making products on CNC machine tools or in additive technologies.

    Designing models according to the requirements of 3D printing technology


    We provide a service for designing or re-designing your product with the goal of later manufacturing it using one of the many additive manufacturing technologies available. Each 3d printing technology is characterized by different requirements for modeling, due to the specifics of the technology, its capabilities but also limitations. 3DGence offers the possibility to redesign the model in such a way that its quality after printing is the best possible, while reducing the cost of printing and maintaining the shape as close to the original as possible.


    We offer you professional rendering based on provided 3d models to make them more visually appealing for applications requiring professional graphic representation. 3DGence provides full rendering services, with texture overlay, selecting the most favorable lighting and making high-quality graphic files. Possible applications for renders:

    • • Advertising materials
    • • An alternative to professional photos of the finished product
    • • Presentation of a prototype in the conceptual phase

    R&D support

    A team of R&D specialists with experience in machine design provides comprehensive mechanical, structural, electronic and software/firmware engineering support for product and technology development. Responding to the customer’s needs and expectations, we carry out development work according to the customer’s idea in the area of

    • • Conceptual design
    • • Feasibility analysis
    • • CAD design
    • • Mechanical design
    • • Compliance analysis
    • • 2D/3D Documentation