3D printing in PolyJet technology

PolyJet is an ultra-precision photopolymer resin printing technology using a soluble support material. Allows to produce prototypes with the appearance of final products. PolyJet technology is ideal for precision parts where there is no room for deflection. It is dedicated for creating final prototypes of high quality and smooth surface models.

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    PolyJet technology is one of the most precise 3D printing technologies in the world. It is based on the curing of liquid resin with the UV lamp light. A single printing layer is only 0.016 mm (less than the thickness of a human hair). The accuracy that PolyJet guarantees is not achievable with any other additive technology, it is less than 0.099 mm. PolyJet technology, due to its resins with different properties, especially mechanical properties, and soluble support material, will work well in the manufacture of detailed components. It is dedicated to rapid prototyping and creating final prototypes with high quality and smooth surface.