3D printing in SLS technology

Laser sintering of polyamide powders guarantees the highest durability and repeatability of serially produced elements. Enables the production of hundreds/thousands of pieces in a single run. Moreover, SLS technology does not require the use of supports – the models created are supported by powder excess surrounding the printout. This allows for printing more complex geometries than other 3D printing methods.

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    SLS technology does not require support structures, as the models created are naturally supported by excess material tightly surrounding the printout. It allows the production of geometrically complex elements that maintain high dimensional accuracy. The SLS method is interesting because of the use of materials widely used in the plastics industry, including polyamides.

    The most widely used SLS machines have 340 x 340 x 600 mm working chamber dimensions, making it possible to print large-size elements or hundreds of pieces in a series, while maintaining the high degree of repeatability. SLS technology guarantees tolerances of up to 0.15 mm.


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