3D scanning at 3DGence

• We scan stationary and directly at the customer’s site

• We create CAD models

• Completion dates from 5 working days

• 3D scanning prices from PLN 250 net


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    3D scanning of car alloy wheel

    The use of reverse engineering allows to:

    • create a spatial model without the need for tedious and often inaccurate measurements and design from scratch in the CAD program
    • scanned objects to solid models allow their subsequent editing – design changes or reconstruction of damaged elements
    • development of full technical documentation of the physical element


    Would you like to see the possibility of using 3D scanning in your industry? Contact our 3D scanning laboratory, which will help you to choose optimal solutions and advise on 3D printing based on our knowledge and experience.


    3D scanning technology allows you to solve the problem of verifying the quality of dimensional representation of manufactured components. A comparison of the 3D scan of the finished product with the designed CAD model will help to verify most of the acceptable tolerances or to measure parts that are difficult to measure with conventional instruments (e. g. curved surfaces). Our specialistic software quickly and easily converts the actual shape of an object into a virtual model in the computer and compares it with the designed CAD model.


    The 3D Scanning service will help:

    • in case of a lack of 2D documentation of the detail
    • while creating 3D models
    • analyze the degradation of tools and instrumentation
    • while checking the quality of the created elements (deviation map)