Some thoughts after Formnext 2019

The world’s 3D printing sector is now fully mature.

34,500 participants, 850 exhibitors, vast fair space, new equipment, materials and extraordinary interest among companies from all over the world in what the 3D printing sector may offer to the industry. That included the largest global producers – Airbus, Siemens, BASF, General Motors. All that confirms the maturity of the 3D printing sector. It also refers to the level of knowledge about the sector among the enterprises. 3D printing for them is not only a curiosity but a ‘must have’ to support their development.

The companies visiting 3DGence stand impressed us with the awareness of 3D printing possibilities.

Of course there were many questions but they referred to specific issues, technical and precise, which shows that the manufacturers know a lot about the printing process and the phenomena occurring when printing.

What is more, the enterprises know exactly what they want.

This comes down to a short message: we need solutions to accelerate production and make it more efficient. Focusing on that idea, they were watching the functions of the 3DGence INDUSTRY F420, which had its debut at Formnext 2019. What was their opinion?

3DGence INDUSTRY F420 – new industrial 3D printer

The guests who visited our stand and saw the new printer esteemed mainly the speed of printing which translated into higher productivity and faster return on the purchase. Secondly, they paid attention to the heated chamber, the maximum printing temperature and the surprisingly fast time of reaching the temperature. Also the growingly important issue – safety – was an object of attention. The visitors asked about the filters applied in INDUSTRY F420 or the methods of isolating the machine. The price, considered to be reasonable and very competitive, was also esteemed.

The reactions of enterprises confirm us in the belief that the market missed similar solutions for the industry; ones with good technical specification, well-thought design, speed and capabilities which may really facilitate everyday work at production plants. The level of interest both in the sector and among the customers and distributors shows that the industry is still open to novelties and innovation, says Andrzej Kukuła, President of 3DGence Management Board.

Focusing on that idea, they were watching the functions of the 3DGence INDUSTRY F420, which had its debut at Formnext 2019. What was their opinion?

3DGence perspective of the entrepreneurs


Contribution of Formnext 2019 or signposts for the sector development

Formnext 2019 became a background for presenting many new technologies in 3D printing from all over the world. Watching them, we have selected several visible trends to signpost the sector’s development directions.

– Materials still play the leading role

The expanding awareness of the capabilities of 3D printing is related to the growing expectations for additive manufacturing. Industrial companies want to be able to print ready products in 3D technology, ones which are not different with regard to quality from those manufactured in a traditional way. This means only one thing – they search for really strong, flexible and durable materials which will successfully replace those currently used by them. Therefore, printing from metals or composite materials, which may in some cases substitute metals, is so popular among them.

There have also been appearing new filaments on the market, which enable for example ceramic products printing. What is interesting, the printer manufacturers enter into partnerships with chemical companies to jointly work on innovative materials to meet the growing needs of the modern industry.

– Not only small forms

It has been growingly visible that 3D printing enters the world of large-dimensional products. Companies no longer want to print only small elements but, seeing the advantages of applying printouts in their products and esteeming the technical capabilities of 3D printed parts, they are willing to create larger and larger structures in the same way. Also the printers manufacturers have been preparing to that, which was visible at Formnext 2019.

– Post-processing included in price

The maturity of the sector is also confirmed by the fact that printer manufactures care for the whole printing process and for the printed elements to be aesthetic, perfectly made and ready to use. That means 3D printing companies no longer focus on the very printing of parts. Finishing is identically important to them. During the Formnext fair we could see a lot of technological solutions and machines for final finishing of printouts and providing them with the required shapes. So far post-processing was a weak point of the sector, but today it may be clearly seen that it the finishing process has been made more automated, faster and accurate.

The largest 3D printing fair, as every year, showed the directions for the sector development. It also proved that the sector is more mature and has been providing production companies with tools which really support processes and accelerate work in industry.