3DGence printing farm

• More than 50 3D printers ready to make batch production and the biggest prints

• 6 years of experience in projects related to prototyping, components production and mock-ups

• A wide spectrum of additional post-processing of printed elements on customer’s request

• 1182 3D prints made in January 2020

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    3D printing within reach

    Benefit from 3DGence 3D printing services. Realize with us your project in any 3D printing technology. We print spatially in FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS, and PolyJet technology. Thanks to our experienced engineers and extensive 3D printer farm you can be sure that your 3D print will be of the highest quality.

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    3DGence modeling studio specializes in creating models of industrial equipment and architectural visualizations for business customers. We deal with comprehensive implementation of projects from the 3D model, through 3D printing and alternative technologies, to the final finishing (varnishing, wrapping and securing for transport).

    Batch production

    Industrial 3D printing allows achieving high quality and repeatability of the created elements, which makes it possible to replace short and medium-size production.

    Advanced materials such as ULTEM 9085 and PEEK guarantee high mechanical strength and chemical resistance, which makes it possible to replace metal parts. Consult your project with our specialist who will advise you on the right printing technology and optimise your 3D printing service costs.


    Our prototyping workshop offers short lead times, which can be given even in hours. We make prototypes in 5 different 3D printing technologies from over 60 different materials. We print pre-production prototypes, mock-ups, functional prototypes from matching materials as well as show or exhibition prototypes, trade show models.

    The prototype can be ready in 3 working days.