3DGence printers appeared in a spot promoting the new Volkswagen Passat car model.

3DGence has started cooperation with Timecode Film Production, which prepared a video creation for the German car brand Volkswagen. 3D printing in the advertising of the new Passat model played a key role, the production house focused on the concept in which it shows that this technology allows the creation of even the most advanced details with high precision and significantly simplifies and speeds up the design process itself.

This is the first time that a 3D printer of a Polish manufacturer has become an element of advertising for such a large international concern as Volkswagen. 3DGence has been associated with the automotive industry since the beginning of its activity..

Paweł Ślusarczyk, Founder and Editor, Centrum Druku 3D

3D printing in the automotive industry

More and more automotive companies are aware of the many benefits of 3D printing technology in the process of creating a new car model. This industry can use 3D printers at any stage. Faster prototyping, the ability to adapt the vehicle to individual needs, printing of unusual elements or spare parts and finally reducing the costs of the whole process.

Most importantly, 3D printing saves a lot of time and material. One example is the fire vehicle manufacturer, who with the help of 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 managed to make a prototype of the engine’s manifold at a much lower cost – no need to create moulds.

Drukarka 3DGence ONE podczas procesu druku

3D printing technology in your company

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