More than conference

It can be boldly stated that space created by Formnext is by far more than a simple exhibition or conference. This platform gives a chance to explore and experience the world of additive and that more conventional manufacturing technologies. It is an excellent opportunity to discover the latest manufacturing and additive solutions and to dive into the newest trends and innovation.

3DGence at Formnext 2018

Formnext is the world’s leading exhibition for additive manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent industrial manufacturing methods – that is why we couldn’t miss it! At Formnext we will present all of our products, explain our services and enable checking the quality of printed models from a wide range of materials. At the 3DGence booth, there will be a possibility to see working 3D printers such as 3DGence INDUSTRY F340, DOUBLE P255.

3DGence INDUSTRY F340 and DOUBLE P255

3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is an industrial 3D printer designed to create durable and accurate 3D prints with advanced geometry. The possibility of printing from a wide range of materials, including PC or PEEK, allows creating mechanically durable details and resistant to high temperatures.

3DGence DOUBLE P255 is a dual-extruder 3D printer designed to create high-quality, detailed prints. It has the function of printing using two different materials, model and support – including soluble BVOH. 3DGence DOUBLE P255 has an open filament database and ready-made material combinations are now available: PLA + BVOH, PET + BVOH, PP + HIPS, NYLON + HIPS, Smart ABS + HIPS. The device also prints from a flexible Fiberflex 40D material.

3D Printed Robotic Arm

In addition to working 3D printers at the 3DGence booth, we are more than happy to introduce our brand new robot! Our R&D team wanted to test out abilities of the 3D printer, 3DGence INDUSTRY F340. To get the creative juices flowing, R&D brains designed a robotic arm prototype. The Robotic Arm is a model with full movability made to analyze its motion and generate a mathematical model which will allow the data to be transferred to the final project.

R&D team gave proof of usability of the FDM technology in the prototyping process, and, using different materials, they optimized the durability of the model. The casing is made of PLA, which allowed to speed up the printing process, and the elements requiring high durability are made of ABS. Printed Robotic Arm is fully functional, has six degrees of freedom and can easily manipulate other objects. We are proud that in such a record time – 5 days of printing, our R&D team together with INDUSTRY F340 have built a fully functional 120 kg robot with great repeatability of movement!

Our team of experts is ready to answer a question about the 3D printing industry, ranges of applications and benefits of using 3D printers.  We will be exhibiting from November 13th to 16th, at booth J38 in hall 3.1.

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