3DGence is exhibiting at Formnext 2019 that will be held in Frankfurt between 19th-22nd November 2019.
What we are planning for this event?

The official premiere of new industrial 3D printer – 3DGence INDUSTRY F420

Innovation is a backbone of 3DGence, this year again we will present a new 3D printer. We are very excited that during Formnext we will introduce this groundbreaking solution. The development of this project was based on the insights of our clients and our new cutting edge technology. Print speed, more high-temperature materials, and bigger build volume are only a few things that would make this solution a perfect choice for professionals in various industries.

“Every year we come to Frankfurt to take part in Formnext, it is a great opportunity to talk to our Partners and meet people looking for 3D printing solutions for professionals. This year is special for us as we are very proud of the machine that we are about to present. It meets the standards of the INDUSTRY 4.0 concept. Make sure that you will come to our booth!”

Mateusz Sidorowicz, Marketing Director, 3DGence

More materials, upgrades of existing solutions and 3DGence CLOUD

On Formnext 3D print show we will present new materials that we developed with the world leaders in their fields. PEEK and PEKK are not the only materials that can withstand high temperatures. Carbon and glass-filled materials will make a huge impact in the future and 3DGence solutions are going to support those materials. As always, we do not forget about our clients – existing solutions can be upgraded to the newest hardware version that will allow using new materials.
Connectivity is an essential part of the INDUSTRY 4.0 concept. In 3DGence we developed a cloud-based solution that allows users to get full information about their machine park. Check how many printers are operating, how long is the print queue and make sure that maintenance is on time.

“We're glad that during this fair we can show the latest solutions that we have been working on for the last year. We will be leading the new revolution that will happen in the 3D printing industry with better printers that are easier to operate and have the lowest in class running costs”

Krzysztof Wilk, R&D Director, 3DGence

Make sure that you will visit the 3DGence booth!

We will be exhibiting from 19th-22nd of November, at booth E41 in hall 12.1. There will be a chance to meet the experts from the RnD department and application team. If you want to check our new solutions or talk with us about possible applications of 3D printing you are more than welcome!


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