Charne Esterhuizen is a 23 year old fashion designer from South Africa Australia (Canberra). Thanks to her fascination with fashion and new technologies, she came up with the idea of using 3D printing to create her unique project. Using 3DGence ONE 3D printers, Charne was able to make a dress constructed entirely from flexible, 3D printed elements, shaped as butterflies. The fashion designer spent about 6 months working on the project. A single butterfly printout takes around five and a half hours. The dress itself is 175 cm long and Charne needed 150 elements for it. It took her 800 hours in total to print it.

The entire project was created in cooperation with Aussie3D and 3DGence companies. Twelve 3DGence ONE printers were used for the job, which worked around the clock for two weeks to finish it all. The dress was introduced to the public at the Vancouver Fashion Week 2017. It was also noticed by the Chinese Vogue edition. Model wearing the butterfly dress had no problems with putting it on or wearing it on the catwalk. Additionally, a matching bag was 3D printed to complete the model’s look. The dress was shown in China and Canada so far.

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