Case Studies

21 December 2018

3D printed rib implanted in the human body

Innovative surgery for the world of medicine was performed in…
12 November 2018

Case Study: 3D printing in the plastic processing industry

3D printing is a much faster technology for making prototypes…
5 June 2017

Designer Dress Fully Printed on 3DGence ONE

Charne Esterhuizen is a 23 year old fashion designer from…
18 April 2017

Case Study: Verification of the prototype: fire engine’s manifold 3D printout

More and more enterprises use 3D printing in their production…
21 December 2016

Using Antimatter for CPT Symmetry Examination – Case Study

Light Detectors - prototype 3D print. The European Organization for…
25 October 2016

Electric Motorcycle Factory LEM – Case Study

Who are we? We are the Scientific Circle of Vehicles…