15 May 2019

Polish universities print in 3D and educate engineers in this field

Technical universities conduct scientific research with the use of 3D…
25 April 2019

3D printer instead of pencil and sheet of paper – Danish students print on 3DGence devices

3D Innovation, 3DGence’s distributor in Denmark, has given 3DGence ONE…
18 April 2019

The use of a 3D printer in the production of medical devices

3D printing is becoming more and more popular in the…
11 April 2019

Formula Student racing cars and 3D printing – 3DGence and AGH Racing

3DGence has just started the cooperation with AGH Racing, a…
2 April 2019

Reinforced materials and increased nozzle diameter – new HF printing module for 3DGence INDUSTRY F340

3DGence presented a new accessory for its flagship product –…
11 December 2018

ESM-10 – The world’s first soluble support for PEEK

3DGence as one of the first companies in the world…
27 November 2018

5 reasons why enclosure is a necessary accessory for any 3D printer

How may temperature affect 3D printing? Maintaining a stable print…
8 October 2018

3DGence DOUBLE P255 – a new model of dual extruder 3D printer

On the 1st of September, we released a new model…
29 August 2018

Trokut Test Group – new 3DGence printers distributor from Croatia

Trokut Test Group became the official 3DGence distributor in Croatia.…
14 August 2018

3DGence competition results

The competition for case study organized by 3DGence has ended.…