3D Innovation, 3DGence’s distributor in Denmark, has given 3DGence ONE printers to the Parkvejens Skole primary school in Odder city. The project aims to educate young people and increase their awareness of the possibilities of 3D printing and technology development.


3D printing in primary school – how does it work?

3D printers are used not only in industrial companies. On the market are available also desktop devices such as 3DGence ONE and 3DGence DOUBLE P255, which are ideal for use as a tool in schools during design, technology and math lessons! For example, 3D printing allows creating a model that can be an easy way to learn geometry.

As a matter of fact we have two expectations of printer performance. First of all, it must give a wide range of possibilities for students to use. They should help them exercise their spatial imagination and find applications in different situations.

Secondly, the 3D printer is intended to be an alternative to other manufacturing methods for students and to show how different tools affect the quality of their work. That is why 3DGence printers meet the requirements of our school.
Parkvejens Skole, Director in Odder

3DGence ONE – toolless hotend exchange

Why is it worth investing in 3D printing technologies in schools?

Today’s industry is growing rapidly and it is vital to be aware of all the changes that are taking place around us. Thanks to 3D printing technology, students can be educated in new skills such as designing or editing 3D models from an early age.

3D printing increases the level of education of students and improves their understanding and ability to use spatial printing technology. The use of this technology can also help to understand the society in which they are developing.
Thomas Christensen, Director and Founder of 3D Innovation

3DGence ONE – easy and intuitive to operate

3DGence ONE has a positive influence on student development

3D Innovation emphasizes that 3DGence ONE printer will fit well in the environment of primary school students, not only because of the high safety of use, easy and intuitive to operate, toolless exchange of hotends, simple and quick exchange and loading of material.

The printer’s construction is very sturdy and stable, and the dedicated software is extremely user-friendly. A great advantage is also the available base of certified and recommended materials to achieve the best possible results.

3DGence ONE – positively influencing students skills development

3D Innovation with 3DGence printers

With 3DGence INDUSTRY F340, DOUBLE P255 and ONE printers, 3D Innovation is working on building awareness of the use of 3D printing in the company or in private. Individual approach to the customer and perception of him as a business partner allows 3D Innovation to find the best application for a 3D printer.


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