3DGence Support Dissolving System

Works with:

The Support Dissolving Station (SDS) is a device that allows you to quickly and easily remove soluble support material from the printout. The machine is equipped with a semi-automatic filling and draining system, fill level sensor (min, max), safety switch, work cycle programmer. , temperature controller and wheels for easy movement.

In 3DGence Support Dissolving System (3DGence SDS) it is possible to completely immerse the model with full 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 printer working area. In addition, during the dissolution process of supporting material, the model material does not degrade.

Additional information:

Support Dissolving System may be used to dissolve:

  • BVOH – water-soluble, do not require additional solvent
  • ESM-10 – soluble, requires additional solvent VXL Solve