FoMa Systems is a German manufacturer of one of the world’s best image stabilisers-  MAXIMA MX30, used by professionals from all across the video industry. Dr. Roman Foltyn – developer of MAXIMA MX30, claims that the development of Maxima MX30 prototype without the use of 3D printing would be very difficult, if not impossible. The camera model, control panel, cable covers, component mechanisms – all of those parts were printed on 3DGence ONE printer during the development of the device. The prototypes were then used to perform functional and visual tests.


The printer’s quality guarantees achieving of any aim, as well as time and money saving. “I recommend the device to everyone involved in production of prototypes” – Dr Roman Foltyn

Thanks to prototypes 3D printed in FFF technology, structural and mechanical aspects together with general functionality of the stabiliser were tested, before the initial production began. Using the 3DGence printer also allowed to reduce the cost of MAXIMA MX30, accelerating its production even further. 3DGence ONE has also printed accurate models of known video cameras for testing purposes, which eliminated the need to purchase additional professional equipment, the cost of which would scale up to 200 thousand Euro.

The 3D printed camera models had to correspond with the mass of professional cameras (12 to 30 kg) and also imitate their center of gravity. For this reason, the models were filled with lead weights, which allowed for an exact simulation of the stabiliser in action. In addition, all the conduits in the main stabiliser housing were 3D printed.

Maxima MX30 na planie filmowym

All models were printed using ABS filament, which perfectly fits the mechanical properties needed for the project. With time saved thanks to the 3DGence ONE printer, FoMa Systems avoided construction errors and thus guaranteed the success of Maxima MX30. The 3D printed elements were so precise, that all the tests made on the prototype were corresponding to the tests of the real device in 100%.


Maxima MX30 prototype, containing 30% of elements printed on 3DGence ONE.

Without the 3DGence ONE, it would not be possible to create Maxima MX30 at all, since creating models from aluminium or other metals would overextend the prototyping stage and significantly raise its costs. Printing the Maxima MX30 prototype assured its makers, that the device meets all the conditions the modern cameramen need to perform their work in action scenes and in difficult terrain. The image is very stable despite the difficulties, and the unit is lightweight and functional.


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