3DGence ABS

Description of 3DGence ABS filament:

Material weight: 1 kg
Material diameter: 1,75 mm
Manufacturer: 3DGence

ABS is one of the most popular engineering material used in the industry. The filament is durable and easy to post-process. It’s prone to machining, polishing, glueing and painting.  To achieve the best mechanical properties of a printed part, the 3D printer should be equipped with a heated chamber that will allow proper layer bonding. Printed parts are scratch-resistant has matte finishing and has good impact resistance. The material itself can be damaged by sunlight, it’s sensitive to UV. The material is not biodegradable and it’s not food safe.

3DGence ABS can be printed with ESM-10, soluble support material. This combination allows printing complex geometries, functional prototypes and many more. Use 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 best ABS 3D printer together with soluble support to print functional parts.


  • Enclosures of electronic equipment, household appliances
  • Car components (trusses, buttons, internal fittings, wheel arches)
  • Sports equipment, elements of firearms, furniture components,
  • Finished parts
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