Europe’s best event for 3D printing fans and experts

Formnext 2018 days have come to an end. Within this 4 days, exhibitors presented a great many solutions and latest innovations related to Additive Manufacturing. Formnext, without any doubt, is the best event in Europe to show what is new in your portfolio!

It is now time for summarizing our experiences and to share the observations. Let us tell briefly what was worth-seeing at our booth.


Soluble material for ABS

During the Formnext 2018, we had the opportunity to present for the first time the dedicated soluble support material for ABS.

We know, that industrial applications require the easiest solutions and now, with the use of soluble support material for ABS it is possible to easily print  out the modeles with advanced geometry without the need for breaking the support structures.

Mateusz Sidorowicz, Marketing Manager 3DGence.

Thanks to soluble material for ABS it is possible to keep the whole 3D print without damages that may occur during breaking away standard support. The material is compatible with industrial 3D printer – 3DGence INDUSTRY F340. Due to its high material shrinkage heated chamber is required.

3D printing from PEEK

The ability of the 3D printer to work with high-performance materials is nowadays required by industrial companies. 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is designed to create durable and high-temperature resistant details made from PEEK, PC, and ABS. This 3D printer is equipped with a heated material chamber, that enables the maintenance of optimal printing environment, which is extremely crucial when printing with thermoplastics such as PEEK.

At Formnext 2018 we presented a PEEK material which can be printed in two forms: amorphous and crystalline.

You can check the print quality of the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 by ordering a free 3D print sample from Every user can choose one of the three models prepared, including the PEEK helical compound gear.

The ordered model will be delivered to the given address. The sample will be printed free of charge on the 3DGence INDUSTRY F340.

3D Printed Robotic Arm

To give proof of the FDM technology usability in the prototyping process, the R&D team designed a robotic arm prototype. The Robotic Arm is a model with full movability, has six degrees of freedom and can easily manipulate other objects. The robotic arm is made of 3D printed parts that snap together. The elements requiring high durability are made of ABS, the casing is made of PLA, which allowed to speed up the 3D printing process. R&D department used 3Gence INDUSTRY F340 to built this robotic arm.

A strong advantage of 3D printing is that you can create prototypes very quickly. In a record time – only 5 days of printing, we have built a 120 kg robotic arm with a great repeatability of movement.

Przemysław Wolnicki, Development Manager 3DGence

We are looking forward to the 2019 edition of Formnext! Now, however, enjoy our short photo report from the 2018 edition:


PEEK with soluble support

3DGence ONE – professional 3D printer

3DGence DOUBLE P255 with enclosure








3DGence booth at Formnext 2018

3DGence DOUBLE P255 aroused interest

3D Printed Robotic Arm








3D print  from ABS with soluble support


3DGence booth at Formnext 2018







If any questions occur, please, send us an e-mail! Our experts are available under [email protected], with pleasure will provide You with information about our 3D printers and their applications.


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