Dual extruder 3D printer designed for industrial applications where accuracy, speed, comfort and safety of the entire 3D printing process are crucial.

This 3D printer is suitable for working with a wide range of technical materials including the high-performance thermoplastics.



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Achieve the best results with unmatched speed on INDUSTRY F350. 

The advanced kinematic system enables print speeds up to 400 mm/s and travel move of 1000 mm/sall while ensuring top-standard results  

The F350 was designed with a key focus on enhancing user and print productivity. 

Heated printing chamber

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F350 is equipped with actively heated build chamber, for optimum printing conditions. 

The combination of the heated build chamber, appropriate extrusion temperatures, and heated material chamber, ensures that the prints made of high-performance polymers like PC or PEEK are always of best possible quality.

The heated chamber allows to print polycarbonate, PC blends or copolymers reaching the expected mechanical properties, without warping or any other printing failures.


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Print high-performance and engineering grade materials on one machine. 

The possibility of using three different modules in one 3D printer allows to produce repeatable models from the widest range of filaments.

Printing modules are interchangable between F350 and F420 INDUSTRY line 3D printers.

Current materials portfolio –  PEEK, PA6, PA-CF, PC, ABS, ASA and PLA


Best in class total cost of ownership 

Benefit from the best price to volume ratio among the industrial-grade 3D printers with 3DGence INDUSTRY line. Save time and money during the full lifetime of your industrial 3D printer. 

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Online monitoring

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INDUSTRY F350 meets the Industry 4.0 requirements. 

3DGence CLOUD includes such services and functionalities as running or queueing the prints, remote monitoring of the printer and prints status, file sharing, live camera feed and collection of the statistics. The software dedicated to the 3DGence industrial printers INDUSTRY F420 and F350. 


Ensured user safety and work continuity proven by TUV Safety and Regular Production Surveillance.

With a focus on high-performance materials, it’s important to provide adequate emissions control. F350 filteration system offer unprecedented filtering efficiency among FFF AM platforms, capable of filtering: macro dust, nano dust (VOC, UFP), solvent vapour, noxious gasses, foreign particles.

F350 can be equipped with a UPS unit, that supports all functions during power outages. Signal tower is an additional accessory, indicates the status of the print and makes the machine highly visible from distant parts of the production site.

Other INDUSTRY F350 safety features:

• an electronic lock of the main chamber door, also controlled via Cloud service and printers’ interface
• sensors for main chamber door and top access hatch
• redundancy for thermal sensors of high-power heating elements
• emergency switch – immediate cut of power to motion and thermal control.
• system for emergency shutdown of logic
• software access overdrive – the printer can be remotely shut down.

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Heated material chamber

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Proper filaments handling ensures the best results. Keep your materials always dry and ready to print.
Materials are kept in a stable environment due to the heated materials chamber. Humidity for the loaded materials will be reduced regardless of the 3D printer’s operational status thanks to the active chamber heating system.

Smart Material Manager

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Guarantee of optimal working conditions. Take control over the printing process and get the results you want.

Smart Material Manager is an intelligent filament and printing environment control system. SMM consists of NFC reader for loaded material recognition, material weight control system, automatic material loading system and flows control sensor. 

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Case studies







High-performance polymer from PAEK family which offers a unique combination of properties.


Highly chemically and heat resistant industrial material.


Thermoplastic that combines mechanical strength, UV resistance and water resistance.


ABS is one of the most popular thermoplastics, regardless of production technology.


One of the most durable, hardest and heat resistant engineering grade polymer.


Polystyrene-based polymer similar to ABS but its mechanical properties are slightly higher.

3D printing audit

You are not convinced that you will benefit from 3D printing?

3DGence specialists will identify possible areas of application for 3D printing in your company and show what savings can be generated by using this technology in the long term.

Technological audit is a free of charge service.

3 Year Warranty

Continuous rapid production.

Best-In-Class Industry Warranty. 3 years of free limited warranty. We stand behind our technology so you can focus on keeping printing.

Reliability and full functionality of the machines.

Elimination of production stoppages
in order to maintain processes continuity.

Original spare and wear parts and professional service.

Follow maintenance activities and warranty checkups ​to maintain the warranty.

Technical specification

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