Creation of 3D models

We offer you the production of virtual three-dimensional models based on the documentation provided by you (this can be 2D drawings, sketches, photos or finished products), as well as correction and redesign of models sent by you.

You can use the finished 3D models made by us as:

  • • A basis for further design work (e.g. for creating technical documentation, assemblies)
  • • Visualization of finished products
  • • A basis for manufacturing products on CNC machines or using additive manufacturing technologies

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    Design with consideration of requirements of additive manufacturing technologies


    We offer the service of designing / redesigning models with a view to producing them later using one of the many rapid prototyping technologies. Each 3D printing technology has different design requirements due to its specific characteristics. 3DGence offers the ability to redesign the model to achieve the best possible post-print quality whilst reducing the cost of printing.

    We support technologies such as:

    • FFF
    • MJF
    • DMLS/SLS
    • SLA
    • PolyJet