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Free sample pack

In this free pack, you will find 3 samples. Parts are printed according to ISO 527 standard with full infill. Compare the materials strength of:

  • ABS (red) – easy to process and good mechanical properties.
  • PC (white) – high dimensional accuracy, increased rigidity and impact strength.
  • PA-CF (black) – carbon fibre reinforced polyamide for stronger and stiffer parts.
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Custom sample

Want to be sure that 3D printing will be useful for your application?
Verify print quality and functionality on your own sample. 

Our customer engineers will help you to choose the right filament for your application from a 3DGence wide portfolio of high-performance and engineering materials.

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What's in the box?

In 3DGence we believe in transparency.
With 3D printed sample you will also receive:

  • Materials overview folder with descriptions and parameters.
  • Full information about the printed sample. It’s important to know exactly what are the parameters of the part especially for benchmarking purpose. 
  • In the report, you will find information o printing time, parameters and material cost.
  • Other materials overview.