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Our 3D services

3D printing

3D printing nozzle and buildplate of 3D printer.

3D printing at your fingertips.

Use the 3D printing services. Together with us you will implement a project in any 3D printing technology. We print spatially in FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS and PolyJet technologies. Thanks to our experienced engineers and an extensive 3D printer park, you can be sure that your 3D print will be of the highest quality.

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3D scanning

3D scanning of car alloy wheel.

Thanks to the latest technologies, 3D scanning allows you to create extremely precise scans with an accuracy of up to 0. 05 mm. Measurements are made for both small and large models, from 0. 05 m to 4 m. It is possible to obtain a detailed 3D model for almost every object, which at a later stage can be processed in a CAD program and printed on a 3D printer.


3D printout on a table. Man is consulting his 3D printing project.

Advice on 3D printing technology is a service within which appropriate printing parameters and optimal technical materials will be selected. The first stage is to identify the customer’s needs and choose the appropriate 3D printing technology. Then the appropriate materials and parameters of the printing process are selected. The final stage is to create a free valuation of the 3D printing service in the selected technology.


3D print processed. Painted with a brush.

In order to achieve the desired visual and tactile results, which increase the added value of 3D printing, both chemical and mechanical processing is offered. Our modeling work offers: folding or gluing prints, chemical treatment, mechanical treatment, UV exposure of resin prints, rotational polishing (SLS), surface dyeing (SLS), mudding and sanding, painting and varnishing.

3D modelling

3D model of red transportation tray on laptop screen.

The process of creating CAD models is based on the technical documentation sent by the customer.

Then a digital 3D model is generated, designed for later printing in the selected 3D printing technology. The formats most commonly used to create digital models are: IGS, OBJ, STP, X_T, STL, AutoCad, CATIA, STEP, REVIT, IronCAD, FreeCAD, SAT, PARASOLID, NX, Blender, ACIS, 3DMAX, CREO, ArchiCAD, IGES, Inventor, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Rhino, ThinkDesign, ZW3D, SketchUp and others.

3D prints​

3D printing applications





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Steering knuckle prototype used to examine the design topology. The project was developed to reduce the weight and increase the stiffness of the element. 3D printed from ABS + HIPS-X. DIMENSIONS: 210 mm x 160 mm x 60 mm.

Companies we have helped​

"The 3DGence company was of great help to MVRDV when our in house 3D printers were not able to perform our desired functions. 3DGence offered us proffessional consultations, by not only choosing the correct metod for our model, but also provided advice on how to improve our own models in the future. 3DGence provided us with two very precisely made models on time, a request other printing companies could not cope with. The whole cooperation process was very smooth and professional, which was appreciated by the whole team."

Sven Thorissen, Director/Architect, MVRDV

"Do tej pory na stoiskach targowych pokazywaliśmy nasze maszyny, których waga sięga nawet kilkudziesięciu ton! Wiązało się to z bardzo kosztownym transportem. Miniatury maszyn wydrukowane przez 3DGence Services wzbudziły nie tylko duże zainteresowanie na targach wśród gości naszego stoiska, ale również pomogły nam usprawnić transport i obniżyć wydatki!"

Karolina Pastryk, Marketing and PR Manager


3D printing technologies


3D printout in SLS technology.

Laser sintering of polyamide powders guarantees the highest durability and repeatability of serially produced elements. Enables the production of hundreds/thousands of pieces in a single run. Moreover, SLS technology does not require the use of supports – the models created are supported by powder excess surrounding the printout. This allows for printing more complex geometries than other 3D printing methods.


3D printout in SLA technology.

Hardening of the liquid resin with a laser beam guarantees good quality and fineness of the created details. SLA technology enables complex geometries to be printed with high precision from a wide range of functional materials. It is the most precise 3D printing technology in the world. Allows to produce the finest details of 3D printed models.


3D printout in FDM technology.

FDM is a method of layering the molten thermoplastic material on a heatbed. This technology makes it possible to create utility models, prototypes, marketing mock-ups or composite elements. This is the most optimal method for quick prototyping of parts that must maintain the required standard tolerance. This technology guarantees high quality, affordability and short lead time.


3D printout in DMLS technology.

DMLS is a 3D printing from powdered metal alloys that guarantees the highest quality. Possibility to print out geometries and structures that cannot be milled. Direct Metal Laser Sintering has great advantages over traditional production techniques, even complex objects can be produced in a single production cycle and thus reduce production costs. DMLS technology combined with topological analysis enables the production of lighter parts compared to conventional manufacturing methods.


3D printout in PolyJet technology.

PolyJet is an ultra-precision photopolymer resin printing technology using a soluble support material. Allows to produce prototypes with the appearance of final products. PolyJet technology is ideal for precision parts where there is no room for deflection. It is dedicated for creating final prototypes of high quality and smooth surface models.