Advanced 3D printing accessories

Expand your 3D printing capabilities with our accessories.

3D printers modules

3D print from multiple filaments, from PLA to PEEK on a single machine, all you need to do is replace the printing module. Swap can be done without any tools.

INDUSTRY F421 and F350


Industrial 3D printers

Upgrade your INDUSTRY series 3D printer with high quality accessories to achieve best print result results and improve your comfort.

INDUSTRY F421 and F350 UPS unit

Uninterrupted 3D printing process. Equip the printer with the power supply

INDUSTRY F421 and F350 advanced filtration unit

Ensure safe working environment – filter the fumes that are produced during the 3D printing process.


Facilitate the transport, safe mount your printer and ensure additional space for UPS or filaments.

Professional 3D printers

Professional accessories for professional 3D printers. Increase the capabilities of your printers, improve the quality and dimensional accuracy of printed parts.


Ensure steady temperature during the printing process.


Swap the filament really easy with exchangeable hotends


Get the best of additive manufacturing. Use post processing accessories and improve the properties of your 3D prints.

Laboratory dryer

Dry filaments and change the phase of PEEK from amorphous to semi-crystalline.