3D model slicing software dedicated to 3DGence printers that allow preparing files to be printed.


Certified Materials Database

Two spools of 3D printing filaments, red and black with Smart Material Manager NFC tag on in.

Based on the knowledge of our experts, market trends and the needs reported by our customers, 3DGence is constantly working over printing profiles that perfectly match the printed material, giving the best possible printing results. The printing profiles available in 3DGence SLICER 4.0 are tailor-made for the materials that are gathered in Certified Materials Database.

All of the profiles are available for free for all of customers that use our 3D printers.

Profile choice

SLICER 4.0 3D model slicing software for 3D printers. Screen of choosing material profile.

Wide choice of the fine-tuned material profiles which are automatically updated. Any user can make its custom profile according to own needs.

Large model split option

SLICER 4.0 3D model slicing software for 3D printers. Screen showing splitting the large model to fit the working area.

Possibility to split the large models that do not fit the working area. There are two methods of model split available: simple and advanced, where the grooves and tongues are created on the parts. This feature enables easier subsequent merge of the parts. The advanced splitting option is unique and available in SLICER 4.0 only.

Printing profile modification options

SLICER 4.0 3D model slicing software for 3D printers. Screen of printing profile modification options​.

For intermediate users, there are printing profile modification options available. Adjustments of parameters can be made after choosing the material and profile.

Since the material base is open, users can also use predefined profiles dedicated to a specific grade and fine-tune on their own in 3DGence SLICER 4.0.

Online options

CLOUD Online platform for 3D printing management. Login screen

3D printing via the local web or the Internet is available while using the INDUSTRY F420 and 3DGence CLOUD. The web printing will be possible only using the dedicated .3dg file format, prepared by 3DGence SLICER 4.0.



  • new functionality to place the model above the bed
  • added minimum speed information to the profile
  • the ability to name files in the slicer before sending to the printer
  • the ability to print on the full work area
  • the ability to update the profile database from an external file
  • added a new status in network printing “Waiting for print”


  • updated print times on the progress bar of network printing


  • improved performance of the enhanced supports
  • improved search for LAN printers
  • improved data loading after .gcode is loaded into the slicer
  • improved profile reloading
  • improved loading of custom profiles

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