Material Management System

Automate the correct preparation of your materials for accurate, strong, and high-quality parts. The MMS enables connected productivity, repeatability and full traceability of the printing process.

material management system

Material Management System (MMS) 

3DGence MMS automates material storage, preparation, and post-print annealing – making  successful printing of Ultra-Polymers like PEEK, ULTEM™, and Composites accurate and simplified.   

As the shift from prototyping to end-use parts has become a reality through industrial grade 3D printers and advanced materials, automation and pre-configuration ensures print success.

Improper handling and preparation of materials can result in moisture creep, print failures, warping, and low visual quality – resulting in inaccurate parts and significantly reduced productivity.

Ensure print productivity, part integrity, and the highest quality with our Material Management System. 







Process control and print traceability

  • •  Select materials from our Certified Open Material Database and register them to get full material traceability.
  • •  Each spool of material purchased from 3DGence is equipped with an NFC tag with a Unique ID. Once selected, the material is registered by scanning to the MMS and integrated with 3DGence CONNECT™.
  • •  The material associated to the print is traced in the print process, and can be viewed on the MMS or 3DGence INDUSTRY line printer.
  • •  The associated material and print process is registered and stored in process logs, accessible in 3DGence CONNECT.

Material drying and preparation

  • • The capability to post-anneal PAEK materials results in significantly enhanced strength, durability, and anti-corrosivity. The 3DGence MMS™ system includes a compartment that can also be used for annealing in addition to material preparation.
  • • The 3DGence know-how of PAEK annealing cycles is programmed and configured into the MMS system, and active in seconds.
  • • Anneal AS9100 PEEK, Victrex AM™ 200, CF-PEEK, and other Certified Open Materials through a few short steps in the MMS interface and be ready to receive ultra-strength parts.

Part annealing

  • • Annealing PAEK materials after 3D printing results in enhanced strength, durability, and chemical resistance.
  • • The 3DGence MMS system includes a compartment that can also be used for annealing, in addition to material preparation.
  • • The annealing cycle for each PAEK material is programmed and configured into the MMS system, and can be initiated in seconds.
  • • Anneal PEEK, Victrex AM™ 200, PEEK-CF, and other Certified Open Materials through a few short steps in the MMS interface and make your parts extra strong.

Achieve the highest quality, accuracy, and mechanical performance

Without material preparation

Parts printed from materials that are not stored properly have lower mechanical properties and visual quality.

With MMS automated material preparation

MMS pre-programmed preparation modes ensure durable and accurate prints without visual defects.

Up to 75% increase in part strength after annealing

Technical specification

Material Management System


3DGence CONNECT is an evolving, fully interconnected system bringing together software, hardware, materials, and process control.

3DGence provides system control and traceability over the entire print process – from material to part.

Scan the material to the MMS to register the material into your print process and get full material traceability Proper Material Management is vital to part quality and integrity.
We make it easy and keep it connected.
Our Application Engineers are on standby to explain the technical details of the 3DGence connected system.