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In 2014, we began a vision and a commitment to make the most versatile, flexible, and cost-effective industrial 3D printing solutions that will support and optimize the workflow of our customers. With headquarters both in the Americas and Europe and our partners worldwide, we are providing global coverage and services to our customers across the world. 

Engineer your NOW and inspire the FUTURE of the industry with us having your back.

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We are a part of MS Galleon AG, one of the biggest capital groups in the CEE region. With the support, we had an opportunity of introducing our 3D printing technology and now we provide customers with advanced 3D printers with extensive industry experienceinfluencing the development of industrial companies.   

What drives our work is the urge to provide customers with technologically bestindustry-ready, and reliable products and services. 

We manufacture our technology

The INDUSTRY line 3D printers are manufactured in our production plants. The team of experienced engineers focus on developing the best solutions that enable producing end-use partsfunctional prototypes, and metal replacement parts in real-time with the most advanced materials available today. 

Unmatched results

Based on a high level of industry expertise 3DGence ecosystem was created to ensure the best results, allowing customers to develop their unique workflow and boost their prototyping capabilities and production performance. 3DGence 3D printing technology is here to assist multiple stages of the customer production line. 

With products under the 3DGence ecosystem shift from rapid prototyping to rapid production is just a formality. 

Technological partner

3DGence aims to find rapid and complete solutions to user questions, requests, and challenges. The Support Team is on-hand and ready to solve any technical or service-related requests. Rapid Prototyping Center provides the most efficient 3D printing services on-demand. 

Our 3D printing application engineers are determined to seek solutions to implement into customers’ businesses.