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    PA 1101 ClimateNeutral
    PA 1102 Black
    HP 11-30
    PA 2200 CarbonReduced
    PA 2201
    PrimePart FR
    PA 2210 FR
    PA3200 GF
    PEKK 100
    TPU 1301

    Technical information

    3DSERVICES MJF buildchamber

    630 x 330 x 550 mm

    3DServices MJF

    0,12 mm

    3DServices MJF

    1 mm but possible 0,3 as min. feature size

    +/- 0.3 mm

    How does SLS technology work?

    1. The recoater carriage travels across the build area depositing a uniform thin layer of powder material.
    2. Printer uses a laser to melt polymer powder and fuse it into a solid 3D printed part. Using a CAD design model, the laser melts the plastic material precisely at the predefined points in the powder bed.
    3. The build plate descends slightly and the powder recoater applies another thin layer of powder on top of the previous layer. This process repeats layer by layer until the part is completed.

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