online presentation

Meet our flagship 3D printer online. 

Our experts will introduce you to the INDUSTRY F421, its features, and specification, that you will have the opportunity to see why it is the perfect choice for your company.

The presentation is free of charge.

You will need:

• broadband internet access
• headphones/speaker
• microphone
• MS Teams/Google Meet

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We will contact you to arrange the presentation.

    How it works?

    1. Fill in the contact form.
    2. Our specialist will contact you to ask few questions about your requirements and convinient for you date.
    3. Participate in a private presentation where you can ask questions and in detail get to know our solution.

    Online presentation stages

    Identifying the needs

    In this part, 3DGence experts will identify your key requirements. Every presentation is unique as every application is different. 

    Presentation of the 3D printer

    Depending on the business, other aspects of the technical specification may be crucial. In this part, we dive into the parameters that are key to you in the device specification.

    An in-depth presentation of the 3D printer which will cover:

    • specification
    • kinematics
    • start the printer
    • door and printing chamber
    • material chamber
    • accessories
    slicer 4.0

    SLICER 4.0 and CLOUD features

    slicer 4.0

    3DGence SLICER 4.0 is 3D model slicing software dedicated to 3DGence printers.
    3DGence CLOUD is a cloud based software with vast tools for printers operations supervision and user management.

    This part of the presentation will cover:

    • a brief overview of SLICER 4.0 features
    • model operations
    • print profile selection
    • model slicing
    • export via CLOUD to INDUSTRY F420 printer
    • CLOUD features overview

    Materials and applications

    Our prototyping workshop offers short lead times, which can be given even in hours. We make prototypes in 5 different 3D printing technologies from over 60 different materials. We print pre-production prototypes, mock-ups, functional prototypes from matching materials as well as show or exhibition prototypes, trade show models.

    The prototype can be ready in 3 working days.

    Q&A session

    Any questions arose during the presentation. We are happy to answer them and dispel all your doubts.