Industrial 3D is Our Business™

Trusted by engineers

Partnering with our Customers

Trusted by engineers

Since 2014, our company is committed to develop the most versatile, flexible, and cost-effective industrial 3D printing solutions that enable rapid production for our customers

From our headquarters in the Americas and Europe and through our worldwide partner network, we serve our customers everywhere. 

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Committed Ownership

We are a part of MS Galleon GmbH, a Europe-based holding company since 2015.  

With strong financial backing, we are focused on optimizing our products and services for long-term performance and customer success, and will continue to bring new technologies to the additive manufacturing market.

Fully integrated in-house production

From designing and manufacturing our printers, qualifying and certifying advanced materials, to developing and enhancing connected software, we fully control the quality and performance of our technology.

We manufacture the INDUSTRY line of 3D printers in our own production facilities, with our own team. Our experienced engineers focus on developing the best solutions that enable producing end-use parts and functional prototypes with the most advanced materials.

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Repeatability and Reliability

As the need of additive manufacturing shifts from prototyping to production, the technology requirements must match the complexity and demands of the applications.

Sequential printing of solid end-use parts in the most advanced materials requires expertise and deep understanding of the integrated 3D printing process, from design to finished part.

3DGence technology has been designed and developed to meet this challenge.

Your Partner in Additive Manufacturing

We are fully committed to delivering comprehensive, responsive solutions to our customers.

Our technical teams are ready to solve your technical, custom or service-related requests. Our Rapid Development Centers provide the advanced and customized 3D printing services to enhance and augment your in-house AM capabilities.