Fully functional 3D printed robotic arm


Case study

Prototyping: fully functional 3D printed robotic arm

ABS application

In record time – only 5 days of printing, 3DGence engineers built a 120 kg robotic arm with great repeatability of movement. It has six degrees of freedom and can easily manipulate other objects.

The robotic arm is made of 3D printed parts that snap together. The elements requiring high durability are made of ABS, the casing is made of PLA, which allowed to speed up the 3D printing process. 

Six industrial 3D printers – INDUSTRY F340 were used to built this robotic arm. 

A strong advantage of 3D printing is that you can create prototypes very quickly. It only took us 5 days to built a 120 kg robotic arm. We wanted to test the abilities of the 3DGence 3D printers and I can confirm, that we gave a proof of usability of the FDM technology in the prototyping process
Przemysław Wolnicki, Development Manager at 3DGence

Products we used

For the first time robotic arm was presented at Formnext 2018 at 3DGence booth.
3D printed robotic arm presented at Formnext 2018 trade fait standing on 3DGence booth. Built with ABS and PLA materials on industrial 3D printer - 3DGence INDUSTRY F340
All parts were 3D printed on 3DGence INDUSTRY F340

3D printing technology you need

There may be a lot of crisis situation in the future that we can’t control. 3D printing can help you with many different applications through many materials. If you have not idea what filaments will proper for your project, you can consult it with our experts: [email protected]