How the manufacturing company started utilizing 3D printers for rapid production of PPE Face Shields?

If you want to learn more about the benefits of implementing 3D printing technology into the production process, fill out the form and we’ll provide you with the materials about the company, which went from concept to 950 piece production runs in 5 days. 

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3D printing success story

Rapid production emphasizes the automation of manufacturing significant quantities of products in an accelerated time frame compared to conventional production processes.

3D printing has evolved to meet this challenge, and has proven to be a viable alternative to conventional production methods.

In the CASE STUDY you will find out:

  1. The whole process of manufacturing PPE Face Shields: from prototype to final model production.
  2. What challenges the company had to face before it started rapid production
  3. What goals were achieved by utilizing suitable resources including reliable technology, skilled R&D and Production teams,
    and material expertise