3DGence’s ESM-30 is a dissolvable support material compatible with the most advanced thermoplastics.



Created by 3DGence ESM-30 support material is dedicated to working with filaments that require high temperatures of printing. It can withstand the highest temperatures in a build chamber, thus it is compatible with high-performance thermoplastics. This filament shows great dimensional accuracy and good adhesion to the model and print bed. It limits the risk of clogging the nozzle, too.

ESM-30 can be dissolved in a mid-alkaline solution. The process of detaching the scaffolding and the main model is automated. The operator places the printed model (with attached support) into a dissolving station containing a mid-alkaline solution and waits until the support part dissolves automatically. Thanks to that, the post-processing is less absorbing for the user, safer for the fragile models, and more effective for the company.


The main advantage of 3DGence’s ESM-30 is its ability to withstand the highest temperatures in a heated chamber during printing. In terms of temperature tolerance, ESM-30 exceeds any other support filaments available in the 3DGence offer. Thus, it can be applied in multiple industrial applications: automotive, aerospace, defense, railway, or consumer products sectors. 

Primarily, we recommended using this support material to print with PC-ESD and VICTREX AM™. 

ESM -30

Perfect support with 3DGence

ESM - 30

Matching the right support material with the main model filament takes complex knowledge and experience in 3D printing technologies. To avoid costly mistakes, technical obstacles, and delays in your production scheduling, we encourage you to consult your business project with our engineers. 3DGence experts can advise you on which support filament from our offer will help you achieve the best results, taking into account all requirements needed for successful additive manufacturing.

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