3DGence Slicer replaces Simplify3D

3DGence introduces a brand new software, dedicated to their devices. The job for 3DGence Slicer is to simplify the use of 3DGence printers. As of the 14th of August, 3DGence Slicer is completely free and bundled with every new 3DGence 3D printer. Simplify3D will remain in the offer as a paid software only.

Material base

Alongside the new software launch, 3DGence has created a separate department of their company, dedicated sorely to creating printing presets. 3DGence Slicer will be regularly updated with new filaments and print settings.


„Introducing new software and creating a team of specialists responsible for print profiles, was one of the main tasks of our R&D department. At the moment we can regularly expand our material base. Our customers will be receiving new settings automatically together with software updates.”


Krzysztof Wilk – Chief of R&D

From September onward 3DGence will provide information about their new materials.

3DGence Slicer is available for free download here.