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Going to Formnext and want to get the best out of the event? Book a meeting with a 3DGence expert to analyse your concrete business case and find out the advantages and costs of implementing 3D printing technology in your company. Send us your project data in advance and receive a comprehensive evaluation during the event. 

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Business Case - What You Can Expect?

A business case analysis is an estimation of some key aspects regarding 3D printing implementation, including the number of parts a year you can manufacture, costs per part, and period of return on  investment etc. All the data included in the business case will be a subject of discussion with our expert, who can explain all the details and answer any questions any that arise.

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    Business case includes costs of:

    You will receive information about:

    How many parts you can manufacture through the year, what will be cost per part, when the printer will pay for itself etc.

    Absence = no problem

    If you cannot participate in Formnext 2023, you can still take advantage of the 3DGence initiative.

    Send us your project data, and we will return to you with the business case via e-email.

    Julian Hoffman

    Key Account Manager

    Phone: +49 151 259 533 24

    Sebastian Pietruszewski

    Sebastian Pietruszewski

    Sales Manager

    Phone: +48 509 916 137

    Krzysztof Brodzik

    Krzysztof Brodzik

    Business Development Manager

    Phone: +48 690 468 579

    Agnieszka Kionka

    Sales Specialist

    Phone: +48 690 468 579

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    Advanced, total solution by theINDUSTRY 3D and Material Management System to increase, productivity, efficiency, and cost

    Want to ask about offer? Have additional questions?

    ¹For each INDUSTRY F340 printer, 3DGence will add a PRO and HT module worth € 5,500 for free.
     The offer applies to printers for which the offer was sent by 24/02/2021.
     The number of printers covered by the offer is limited.
     The offer apply to entities registered in the EU except Poland.