3DGence INDUSTRY F420 a bronze medal winner of the European Product Design Award

The new industrial 3D printer by 3DGence has been honoured in the European Product Design Award international competition. The 3DGence INDUSTRY F420 received an award in the category of industrial machines. The jury acknowledged the printer modern design and functionality.

What is the idea of the EPDA?

The idea of the competition is to grant awards for imagination and strategic thinking. The European Product Design Award is granted both to teams and individual designers. It is to distinguish functional solutions which may facilitate life and additionally reflect interesting design.

On the market of additive technologies brilliant ideas are missing, however, experience shows that the best ones are esteemed. The bronze medal for 3DGence convinces us that at the moment of designing our new INDUSTRY F420 printer, we selected a direction compliant with the customers’ expectations. The jury has acknowledged not only the speed of printing, which reaches 400 mm/s, but also – which has been growingly important in the sector – the modern and aesthetic design of the printer”
Mateusz Sidorowicz, Marketing Manager at 3DGence

The market advantages of 3DGence INDUSTRY F420

High-performance materials

This industrial 3D printers is except for its exceptional 3D printing speed, is also distinguished with the possibility of using durable industrial filaments, such as ULTEM™ or PEEK, and the universal modular system, which enables production of models from various materials, e.g. ABS or PC.

Built volume

The built plate (currently 380 x 380 x 420 mm), enables the creation of larger 3D models without the necessity of dividing them. The use of the innovations has been esteemed by the medal award.

Filtration system

3DGence INDUSTRY F420 was equipped with an advanced filtration system. The objective of the system is to protect staff against suspended particulate matter, such as PM 2.5 or PM 10, and many hazardous volatile compounds which originate during certain filaments printing processes. 

Request for a 3D printed sample

The fact that the latest 3DGence INDUSTRY F420 printer received the important European Product Design Award is significant. We have been continuously presenting our technologies on the international market and proving that Polish companies may do a lot in the world of modern solutions. Our industrial 3D printer was built to produce in FDM technology resistant prototypes, elements or whole spare part series faster. We are glad that the work we have put into that model has been acknowledged
Remigiusz Synowiec, Product Manager at 3DGence

3D printing module for INDUSTRY F420

3DGence INDUSTRY F420 - 3D printer

Heated filaments chamber

3D printer designed for industrial enterprises

The 3DGence 3D printer has been designed for the needs of entrepreneurs and in compliance with the 3-dimensional manufacturing trends. The first trend refers to materials – they need to be strong and durable but at the same time flexible. Currently, the market expects the possibility of printing from such filaments. These include, for example, PEEK or ULTEM™, which in some applications may replace regular metal produced parts. Enterprises have more and more often decided to manufacture larger projects or structures with the use of additive technology. The 3D printing market is already open to that, which may be clearly seen at sector events.

Industries that can use a 3DGence INDUSTRY F420

INDUSTRY F420 is another 3DGence industrial 3D printer that is fit for household, aviation or automotive sectors. The variety of materials, high temperatures and innovative software enable the entrepreneurs to quickly and efficiently create the essential elements or prototypes needed in their daily work.

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