Grants for the purchase of 3D printers in Germany and Austria.

Improve your competitiveness with subsidies for the purchase of industrial 3D printers.

The Austrian and German governments during the current coronavirus crisis have decided to create programs through which companies can receive a grant to purchase industrial 3D printers.

It is an initiative designed to help preserve innovation, protect and even create new jobs.

For more information on support programs, please contact our partners Das Dokuteam, Bee3D, 3DMaterialshop or Prirevo.

BMWi program

Thanks to the digital pact of the German federal government, companies can now buy 3D printers, depending on size and geographical location, with a subsidy of up to 70%. Not only hardware is promoted, but also software and further staff training. Applications can be submitted until 30.06.2021

AWS program

The Austrian bonus is paid 14% of the investment. The 3D printer is clearly defined as eligible for funding. The deadline for submitting applications is 28.02.2021, implementation until 28.02.2022.

For more information on support programs, please contact us or our partners in Germany: Das Dokuteam, Bee3D, 3DMaterialshop or Prirevo in Austria.

What are the applications of the industrial 3D printer?

3DGence INDUSTRY line 3D printers are perfect for low volume production and rapid prototyping. The latest ongoing crisis situation makes a lot of manufacturers feel insecure due to broken supply chains. 3Dprinting technology helps to maintain business continuity when parts are missing, keeping the stock levels low at the same time. Read here how to provide your company with additional assets to endure the hard times.