3D printed tablet car mount

End-use part

Case study

End-use part: 3D printed tablet car mount

ABS application

Due to the lack of an original tablet holder (BMW Series 1), the owner decided to 3D print it. 3D printing is a quick method to get custom items. Tablet car mount was made with ABS, the same material as the dashboard, to maintain a similar design.

The use of industrial 3D printer – 3DGence INDUSTRY F340, equipped with a large build volume (260 × 300 × 340 mm) allowed him to produce large part in one piece. 3D printing turned out to be the best solution to produce custom tablet car mount due to its complex geometry and unit production.

3D printing advantages with mount

  1. low material and production costs
  2. manufacturing parts with complex geometries
  3. achieving dimensional accuracy
  4. fitting the mount to the recess inside the dashboard
3D printed tablet car mount on 3DGence INDUSTRY F340
3D printed tablet car mount used in BMW Series 1

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3D printing technology you need

There may be a lot of crisis situation in the future that we can’t control. 3D printing can help you with many different applications through many materials. If you have not idea what filaments will proper for your project, you can consult it with our experts: [email protected]