Fire engine's manifold 3D printout

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Fire engine's manifold 3D printout


Bocar manufactures mainly new fire-fighting vehicles on various chassis types.

3D printing in a company

The use of 3DGence INDUSTRY F340 allowed verifying the vacuum manifold, which is one of the elements creating a hydraulic system of a pump compartment inside fire engines.

Pre-made of such manifold shall be an alternative to manual welding of pipes, elbows, and collects. Obtaining much greater accuracy in produced systems, and what follows, in a lower failure frequency.


Creation a life-size 3D model of the manifold using 3D printing technology.


1. Cost reduction during preparing prototype – no need to create

If a company decides to buy a 3D printer, the final cost of printing a model includes only the amount of money spent on a particular material (around 25€ for kg) plus electricity costs. The price for preparing a 3D printed model is incomparably lower than producing it through the chill-moulding process.

2. Saving time at the stage of creating a prototype

The preparation of a new chill form can take even several months and the company has to pay for it additionally. Owning a 3D printer significantly improves the process of creating the necessary part. Creating 3D printout of fire engine’s anifold takes around 10 days.

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The prototype of fire engine's manifold 3D printed with ABS material on industrial 3D printer 3DGence INDUSTRY F340
Bocar uses 3D printers to speed up production processes and generate savings.
Dimensions and assembly verification.

3. Checking the ergonomics of the model through its assembly

3D printing technology allows physical examination of every project assumption on a virtual model. 3D printed vacuum anifold was installed in a particular vehicle. The company could check its ergonomics that is, the functionality and durability of this prototype.

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