3D printed custom made gearbox cover


Case study

Prototyping: 3D printed custom made gearbox cover


ULTEM™ filament application

The full-scale gearbox prototype made with ULTEM™ was used for functional laboratory tests. 

The use of this material, which can withstand high temperatures and oil in the gearbox prototype, allowed the rest of the components to be fully mounted for a complete assembly.

ULTEM™ has low thermal expansion compared to other plastics. Therefore, the system is unlikely to leak during testing. 

Furthermore, the test engineers did not have use external suppliers to produce the part.  This allowed for full design control to be kept within the company.

3D printing technology when you need it most

Whether speed to market is critical, or in times of disruption, 3D printing can help you with many different applications through the use of many functional and engineering materials. If you need help deciding which filaments will suit your application or project, please consult with our experts: [email protected]

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