3D print of the housing used in the agricultural vehicle


Case study


3D print of the housing used in the agricultural vehicle


REFORM is an Austrian manufacturer of specialized vehicles for agriculture. Annually produces about 600 vehicles and 700 devices with accessories.

Why 3D printing?

Reform was looking for a solution that would help it increase production flexibility and accelerate the introduction of new machine models to the market. The growing demand for new elements, including the production of prototypes with complex geometry, has allowed the company to open itself to the introduction of new technology. 3D printing turned out to be a very important step forward not only for the entire company, but most importantly, for the entire manufacturing process.

3DGence 3D printer
1 220 EUR
66 EUR
till 28 days
3 days


The use of 3D printing technology to accelerate work on the new generation of vehicles.

1. Shortening prototype production time

The time window for the production of prototype parts is usually very narrow. Moreover, most of the new elements are subject to structural modification at the molding stage. Ordering new parts to external companies is usually associated with a long lead time, which can take up to 3-4 weeks. Making corrections further extends the waiting time. The company wanted to produce parts as soon as possible, verify their geometry and perform functional tests. Screen reader support enabled.

The use of a 3D printer in the company has allowed to accelerate the implementation of the new project. In just a few days the manufacturer could test 3D printed parts on prototypes of his vehicles.

2. Making parts with complex geometry

The company is increasingly making plastic components with very complex geometry. Investment in tools for thermoforming prototypes may be at risk due to numerous design changes.

The use of FFF technology allows the production of elements with even the most complex shapes.

Order a 3D printed sample

Preparing the model for 3D printing in CAD.

Advantages of 3D printing at REFORM

  • – low production costs: the costs incurred are only the cost of the material and electricity.
  • – the ability to quickly modify prototypes.
  • – time saving: the 3D printer can work 24 hours a day.
  • – no need to use third-party services.

Products we used


Using our own 3D printer, we have the ability to make the first prototypes of such parts of our vehicles as armrests or joystick handles. The range of possibilities of using 3D printing in our production processes is unlimited. What's more, some of the solutions can be tailored to the needs of our customers, small-lot production of dedicated handles is no longer a problem for us.

Now we can be very flexible in the production of new parts. What's more, we have the ability to react immediately in the event of structural changes. Time plays a very important role in the production of new vehicles. We are proud that the 3DGence printer allows you to use Industry 4.0 solutions in all REFORM plants.

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