3D printed grinder's side handle with flexible filament

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Spare part: 3D printed grinder's side handle

InnoFlex 60 application

There are many possible applications of flexible filaments in the industry, engineers increasingly use rubber-like elastomer materials with different levels of stiffness in their work.

The use of an industrial 3D printer allows easily replacing the grinder’s side handle in case of damage of the original.

InnoFlex 60 is characterised by reduced carbon footprint and improved elastic performance. It’s stiffest available with Shore hardness 60D.

What industrial 3D printers are capable of 3D printing TPU materials?

There are not so many industrial 3D printers capable of printing simultaneously with engineering materials such as ABS, fiber-reinforced polyamides or PC and now also with TPU.

3DGence INDUSTRY F340 is an exception on the market due to its versatility.  Thanks to the use of a direct system, this 3D printer can handle both stiff and flexible materials. The flow control system in this industrial 3D printer ensures precise filament feeding speed, which in the case of TPU plastics is necessary to obtain high-quality prints.

3D printed grinder's side handle with flexible material InnoFlex 60
Grinder's side handle was 3D printed with the use of 3DGence INDUSTRY F340

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InnoFlex 60

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