3DGence ESM-10


Material weight: 0,5 kg
Diameter of the material: 1,75 mm
Producer: 3DGence

3DGence ESM-10 is a first soluble support material for high-performance polymers. The filament is characterized by high chemical compatibility and adhesion to PEEK and ABS materials. Also, its features enable the support structure to be stable when working in a heated chamber, where the inner temperature may be higher than 80°C.
Clear the supports without the risk of damaging the model. Soluble support materials like ESM-10 can be automatically dissolved in dedicated cleaning stations.

Dedicated 3D printer for this materials is 3DGence INDUSTRY F340.


  • Printing out the models with very complex geometries in which mechanical removal of supports is difficult or impossible.

Additional information:

  • The dissolving process requires a dedicated solvent.
  • For the automatization of the dissolving process, we recommend the use of a 3DGence SDS circulation tank.


Works with: