PEKK is a high-performance polymer of a PAEK family with a wide application range.


pekk spool


PEKK is usually expected to be printed and left in an amorphous state. The user needs to take care of the storage conditions – PEKK is highly moisture sensitive. This material is often used as a metal replacement due to its exceptional properties.


PEKK is highly versatile: it combines chemical resistance, flame retarding properties and the mechanical properties which are one the highest of all known thermoplastic materials. The crystallization rate is slightly slower than PEEK, which makes it much easier to control and can lead to better layer adhesion. Thanks to the enhanced layer adhesion PEKK can reach even higher tensile strengths in each axis comparing to PEEK. This material is one of the best examples of high-performance polymers.
While printing this material on 3DGence INDUSTRY line printers you can use soluble supports. ESM-10 is compatible with this material.

pekk radar graph


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