3D4Makers PEEK

PEEK filament description:

Material weight: 0,5 kg
Diameter of the material: 1,75 mm
Producer: 3D4Makers

Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is one of the most desired high-performance polymers. Exceptional mechanical and thermal properties and high chemical resistance make PEEK to be considered as a substitution for aluminium. It’s one of the strongest materials that can be used on FFF 3D printers. The filament perfectly combines good sliding properties, mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures. Perfect for lightweight and strong applications. The material has two phases, amorphous which is more flexible but has a lower maximum working temperature and semi-crystalline which is much stiffer and can work up to 250°C.
It can be used together with the 3DGence ESM-10 the first soluble support for high-performance polymers on 3DGence INDUSTRY F340.


Typical applications include the automotive, marine, nuclear, oil-well, electronics, medical, and aerospace industries.

  • Elements of machines and devices
  • Medical applications
  • Elements of aircraft interiors

Works with: